Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Calm Before the Storm

It's about to get a little crazy around here...

As I enjoyed my hour and fifteen minute workout today, I started to wonder how working out is going to fit into my schedule in the upcoming future.

Friday I have First Aid/CPR training in Sheridan-it's something I have to keep up for my coaching license. That license I still have to complete four different classes for...

Next week will probably be pure craziness. It's shipping week for our yearling cattle. So far, I think the plan is to gather heifers one day, load the next, then gather steers, and load them out. I'm still not sure exactly how this is going to go, but it should be better than last year when we weighed and loaded four trucks from three different groups in one day. But, I still haven't gotten the run-down on exactly what's going on...

After that crazy week, we'll be headed to the Black Hills Labor Day weekend for an extended family vacation. Then it's September aka the month all h3!! breaks lose. Ten million different things going on at the ranch, calves getting weaned and weighed, cows preg-tested, more pairs moved around... then before you know it October 1st rolls around and there's hunters showing up, and then bang it's October 15th and I'm starting 5 months of basketball.

I'm exhausted just thinking about it. For now, I'll just enjoy the peace and quiet while I can, until the end of next June rolls around.

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