Getting Fit

I was always pretty active growing up-playing sports pretty much year round. I did not eat healthy by any means, and I was never a skinny person either. Just like everyone else, I went off to college and gained the “Freshman 15” and then some. Then came college graduation and my first job. Pounds kept adding on as I proceeded to make unhealthy choices with my eating habits. I would drink a big mug of Dr. Pepper EVERY DAY at work. You would think that getting married would’ve been enough motivation, but unfortunately it was not.

What changed? For me, the biggest motivation was my basketball kids. I wanted to keep up with them as we scrimmaged. I wanted to be able to run lines with them. I wanted to be a person they could look up to.

Slowly but surely, things changed. I quit drinking pop altogether (I make exceptions with alcohol occasionally ;) ). I started drinking more water. I turned to things like MyFitnessPal to watch what I was eating. I started working out. I actually tried running first. That didn’t last because A. I could only run short intervals and B. the mosquitos were terrible outside and I’m horribly allergic. I found several GREAT workout programs from Beachbody and slowly but surely, the pounds started to come off. Good old fashioned diet and exercise. 

The next basketball season rolled around, and I was keeping up with the 8th graders instead of the 5th graders. I could jump higher than I did in high school, seven years later! I have gone from the point of almost needing blood pressure meds to having a perfectly healthy BP. I’ve gone from the plus-size section to grabbing larges off the rack and going back for a medium. I am proud to say I’ve lost over 75 pounds and am working on being even healthier, by eating cleaner (less processed foods) and committing to getting top-notch nutrition through Shakeology.

I may not have my basketball kids to coach any more, but I am ALWAYS looking to help others reach their health and fitness goals, and would love to chat with any of you about your journey! Feel free to email me @ or give me a call or text! 507-236-8500

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