Thursday, August 30, 2012

Check another one off the list...

Shaun T's Rockin Body-done!

Overall, it was a pretty fun workout, and definitely a change from what I was doing. By the last few days I wasn't looking forward to it quite so much, but kept going along. I wasn't really excited about the longer workouts (some days are over an hour) but once I just budgeted it into my day it really wasn't a challenge.

The DVD claims to have 7 different workouts but really there's only 6-one is only 15 min. long and your "intro" to the basic dance moves. I can't really say there was one I didn't like! As far as results, I slimmed down a little more-hello size 9! And I've lost another 7 or so pounds-slowed down a little this month but when I'm only 8 pounds away from my goal I kind of expected it. The biggest change I noticed was my legs-whoa! They've definitely gotten much skinnier with this workout, since you are continuously moving. There's a lot of plyos (jumping stuff) so we'll see if I can impress my basketball kids with my jumping abilities next Thursday when we start open gym!

From July 2nd, to July 31st after a month of 30 day shred, to August 30th after a month of Shaun T's Rockin Body.

Up next-more Jillian! Gotta love to hate her. I'm giving myself the weekend off-ish. We're headed to the Black Hills for an extended family vacation to celebrate my Grandma and Grandpa's 80th birthdays!

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