Thursday, December 30, 2010

Where has the year gone?

Wow-2010 is drawing to a close. What a busy busy year it has been! Here's a little look at what I've been up to.

  • January-Got all settled in to the new house! Survived a few blizzards, my car going into the ditch, dealt with a frozen bathtub drain, dug a tunnel through the snow drift between the house and garage. Ahh winter. Went to MN for a weekend to buy my wedding dress! Oh, and how can I forget this cute little thing!

  • February-Spent a weekend in Rapid City at Black Hills Stock Show. Started to get into the swing of things at the new job. Learned I needed warmer boots for sitting on a forklift in the winter. Justin made it out to visit for Valentine's Day in a snow storm, but managed to get stuck in a snowdrift on his way home from work (I'm not the only one!). Spent a lot of fun nights preparing for the Reliance Play.
  • March-Saw lots of seed come in, thought I could keep it organized. That thought changed as the month went on. Yikes. Missed out on MN High School Basketball March Madness. Bummer. Had a whole week of Justin all to myself while he was on spring break. Went soil sampling. Got stuck soil sampling. A lot.
  • April-Learned a lot about treating seed. Then got a new seed treater and learned about it all over again. Worked. Took my own engagement pictures.

  • May-Justin graduated! Yay! And moved out here with me! Spring planting got drug out due to all the rains. As much as they might have been frustrating at the time, they are always welcome here.
  • June-Kept on working. Went to Montana for the wedding of Justin's brother.
  • July-Spent some time working at a grain facility during wheat harvest. Had some fun weekends involving a wedding reception and a bridal shower for me!
  • August-Soil sampling, dog #2, bridal shower #2, followed by a few days back home in MN for the county fair! And I FINALLY got Justin to come to the fair with me!
  • September-Spent a weekend at the State Fair, then it was... the wedding! And wow what an amazing day it was...

  • October-Another busy month of work-treating winter wheat seed. Spent our first Halloween in Reliance handing out candy to trick or treaters!
  • November-Started soil sampling again. All month. Got new furniture delivered!
  • December-Carrie Underwood in concert, a few shopping getaways, Christmas at the Capitol, and a trip to MN over the holidays! Oh, and my other big news... a new job offer! I start my new job in 2011, and can't wait to see all the changes it brings for me!

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  1. congratulations on getting married in the past year! happy new year. hope 2011 brings you more memories to cherish :D