Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New (Old) Furniture!

Wow-two blog posts in less than a week! This might be record breaking for me as of late.

Well on to the exciting stuff. Saturday night Justin was showing me the link to the listing of items on an auction Sunday where he was planning on buying some guns. I just happened to notice a couple of neat furniture pieces I thought would be worth checking out, so we ditched the original plan of me dropping Justin off at the sale and going shopping to taking the pickup and me sitting at the auction with Justin.

So Sunday morning I got up earlier than I had in the past week and a half to head out west to the sale. We checked out the pieces (an Old English pine Welch cupboard and an oak Hoosier style kitchen cabinet) and thought either one of the two pieces would be cool in our house. Well... we got the first item, then the Hoosier cabinet was next and it was going to sell for a price we couldn't let go! After worrying a little about how we were going to get both pieces home, we realized that the top parts to both pieces came off and got everything loaded into the pickup and back home and in the house with no problems!

We finally got around to getting everything situated tonight, and of course I had to take pictures to share! So, here they are!

The cupboard still needs a little decorating!

Complete with bread drawer and flour bin!

The finished product-I love it!


  1. It turned out SO well! Seriously beautiful!

  2. Hey SD neighbor! That cupboard is awesome!