Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday afternoon...

While it's nice I got off of work early this afternoon, I'm kind of bored. Plus, it's hunting season, sooo that means I spend a lot of time by myself, since I do not hunt. At all. So far I have taken a nap, walked the dog, watched a disc of That 70's Show on DVD, and picked up the kitchen, but I'm bored.

Doesn't help that my TV choices are Texas vs. Nebraska, Auburn vs. Arkansas, a tour of the Hy Vee liquor store, making clam dip, something to do with snakes (changed that one instantly) and some vocal performance on public TV.

There's a whole long list of things I should be doing, but they require a lot of motivation. Like cleaning out my closet and getting rid of a bunch of clothes, sorting through all the "stuff" on our living room bookcases, writing wedding thank you notes, hanging up pictures and wall hangings...

I guess organizing the house sounds better than watching football. Better get that Netflix subscription activated sooner rather than later.

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