Sunday, February 21, 2010

So Big! and... So Busy!

My little puppy is growing like a weed! Macy had a lot of "firsts" yesterday... first tractor ride, first glimpse of cows, first time being around another dog... needless to say, it's been a big weekend for her! I shot this picture of her while I was riding along while Justin fed cows. It was one of those times where what I expected was quite different than what actually needed to be done-bouncing across the alfalfa field to get to the pasture at the bottom of the creek, to feed 20 round bales... yikes! Needless to say, I'm glad I didn't have to ride along the whole time!

And where did my week go? Practice for the Reliance Community Play, a trip to the "big city" for some groceries and other necessities, more play practice, taking Macy over to play with some friends' kids, and Justin's Christmas party for work (delicious prime rib, and Crown and Coke... can't go wrong!). It's been a busy week! And I'm sure this week won't be much better, with the big premiere of the play on Saturday, we'll have play practice more than a few nights this week! Doesn't leave much time for photography, or cleaning, or laundry! Oh well... I wouldn't have it any other way! Well, except for more time with Macy!


  1. What a cute puppy! We got two puppies last year one week after our wedding. We also live in a farm (in MN) so those firsts were a lot of fun. But, it is a great place to raise a puppy. Love your pictures!

  2. This has got to be the most adorable puppy EVER!!!!

    My girls want so badly to have a puppy - but my husband is allergic. soooooo cute!!!

    Great photographs! k