Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Days, You Just Get Lucky

That was the case for me tonight. I was dreading having to play intramural basketball tonight since I'm trying to get over this flu bug, but since on of the girls on our team had already gone home for the weekend, I thought I had better suck it up and try to play. Just as I was leaving, I told Justin, "Maybe the other team won't show up." Guess what! We won by forfeit! Now I can spend the evening relaxing and preparing for my interview tomorrow.

And... I'm getting a new camera lens tomorrow! In preparation for a new lens, I decided I needed a new, bigger camera bag. My lucky day again, Harold's (the photo store in town) had a 20% off sale on all their camera accessories! Now, I just need to do a little experimenting before I get ready to shoot some portraits in the upcoming future!

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