Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm back!

After a somewhat relaxing/busy weekend, I'm back at school. And real life, unfortunately. My Friday consisted of spending 6 hours in a car driving to and from a job interview, that may or may not have been successful. We'll see I guess. Then it was up to Justin's parents place for the weekend.

It was nice to kick back and relax while Justin and the guys went hunting (no luck yet!). Saturday morning my future mother-in-law and I went wedding dress shopping, and I think I've found the one!

We had tickets to see Lorie Line in concert Saturday night (her 20th Anniversary Holiday Tour) and it was probably the best one yet! She brought back all her old traditions, like the medley (I got Great Balls of Fire in there!) and the fan letter. It was a fun night, and Justin loved it too!

Sunday morning, we spent some time with the draft horses. We were somewhat successful in getting the harnesses on Sweet and Sour! Finally!
Here's a picture of me with Sweet. They are sooo big!

Well I suppose I had better be getting to class. I'm looking forward to a family photo shoot this afternoon! Look for a preview possibly tomorrow!

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