Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Best Laid Plans...

So tomorrow is Justin's birthday. I decided that tickets to the Justin McBride concert in Sheridan to kick off rodeo week would be a GREAT birthday present. A couple weeks ago I was still able to get front row seats, so I jumped on that.

So much for front row seats being a great idea... I was a little hesitant to purchase tickets in advance in case something came up at the ranch. And of course... I sent Justin a text at 3:30 to let him know I made reservations for supper. A few minutes later I got a reply-Fire on Russ headed up with the truck. Truck, meaning the grass fire rig that permanently sits at the ranch. So here I sit, not having heard from him in the past 3 hours, trying to figure out what I'll make for supper since Rib & Chop House isn't in the plans for tonight anymore.

Having plans get ruined is one of those things that really bothers me. Even when I can't do anything about it, it really upsets me. Unless Justin walks in the door in the next ten minutes, the concert will probably be a no-go... So much for the great birthday present.

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