Sunday, September 26, 2010

Well, I got married!

Wow. Just over one week ago, I got married. It truly was the best day of my life. No matter how stressful the day/week before ended up getting, on Saturday everything was perfect. Even though it rained on Saturday, causing us to move our ceremony indoors, it was all beautiful. I'm including a few pictures family took with my camera, but here's the link to our AMAZING photographer's blog- Matt Addington Photography

Rehearsal at church Friday night

 Rehearsal supper at my parents' place

 After getting our hair done Saturday morning

Bridesmaids waiting outside while Justin and I were taking pictures-they were a little cold!

The reception

 Cutting the cake!

The wedding party at the head table

3 of my amazing bridesmaids!

Wedding party dance- I love this picture of Justin and I, and my brothers with their girlfriends!

Justin and his dad (in the center, in case you can't tell) talking with one of my uncles

Dancin in our boots!

Well I guess that was more than a few pictures, but wow such a fun time to remember!

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