Monday, March 8, 2010

I Miss This...

March Madness is in full swing back home. I'm having withdrawals. Thankfully KSUM streams the broadcasts of the games online. But I'm not there. I've always been there. I made countless trips from college to St. Peter and Mankato to see the younger kids I grew up playing with compete for the chance to play one more game... keep trying for one more game.

That was all I wanted my senior year. As a team who had played together since 4th grade, we were not ready to be done. We pulled comeback victory after comeback victory to make it to the State Championship. We fell short in the last game of our high school careers. It was somewhat reassuring to know ahead of time it was going to be the last time pulling on those black and gold uniforms. The memories of that season still bring tears to my eyes, four years later.

Congratulations to the GHEC Girls' team on the win tonight and good luck on Friday. And good luck to the Boys' team as they begin their playoff run tomorrow night! Wish I could be there!

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