Thursday, December 3, 2009


I haven't posted since November 18th? Yikes! What have I been doing since then? Well, a lot. The end of semester projects, paper, and tests have certainly piled up on me. I'm surviving, but barely! I did find time to put the Christmas Tree up this week!

(Yes, that is a really big star, and no, it really doesn't sit on top of the tree, it just hangs from the ceiling. And our tree is just under the star... clever one!)

Only 12 more days until I will have graduated and taken the last tests of my college career (Well, for now. Who knows with me.)! Wow. I have accepted a great job where I am anxious to start my life with Justin. Just today, I found out that I can move into a great little house at the end of this month! I hope to spend my few weeks off with family and friends, splitting time between my family in Minnesota and Justin's here in South Dakota.

Well I suppose... I had better get back to writing my final paper. I need to crank out five more pages by tomorrow at one. Yikes.

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