Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So today while I was studying procrastinating (might as well be honest) in the library, I checked out my blog. Mostly because I wanted to hear Cowboy Casanova, but hey... Well I noticed my etsy sidebar looked a little different... Sure enough, I sold a copy of "Small Town USA." I've had a few more sales lately, but I still get excited every time somebody is interested in my work!

So where did the "Small Town USA" print come from? Well one cold yucky icy day last winter/spring I ventured home and thought, "Hmm those cows look awfully sweet standing at the hay feeder with their backs all white from the snow and ice." So I drove around the back side of our big old barn at home to take pictures of the cows. And then I started taking pictures of the fence,

the icy grass stubble...

And eventually, the back of our barn caught my eye...

Then, I took this picture

And while I was probably procrastinating one day last spring, I created the "Small Town USA" print, as shown in my Etsy sidebar!

Okay. I suppose I had better get back to that linear programming homework. Or the book report. Or the Ag Policy paper, test, and group presentation... Only one more month. Only one more month. Only one more month.

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  1. Yay for you and your sale!! I do not sell anything that I make or of mine but I do sell stuff on ebay! And I get excited every time someone bids! The little joys!