Monday, December 28, 2009

A VERY White Christmas!

I just left home... my last long stay at home before I have to enter the real world. I will spend the rest of this week moving and getting settled into a new home before starting my first "real job" next week. It was a great Christmas snowed in with family. And wow did we see snow. Our total snowfall for the whole storm was about 18 inches!

Once the snow finally cleared, I braved the knee-deep snow to take a few pictures! Here are a few shots... straight out of the camera! I promised I would get these posted before the big move and spent the whole day shopping today instead of working on pictures... oops! Enjoy!

Snow piled on the cornstalk bales

Cows along the trees

Trees along the lake

Hunter, our Golden Retriever puppy-love him!

How was the Christmas weather for you?


  1. Your pics are gorgeous! We don't get much snow in my neck of the woods.

  2. Love the doggy face! We have a golden as well. Love them to pieces!