Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Thanks for stopping by to check out Cowgirl Imagery Photography!

A little bit about myself: Although I may be a Minnesota farm girl, I'm quickly adapting to the ranch lifestyle of South Dakota. My photography days go quite a ways back; I first started trying to find the "perfect shot" back when I was in about 5th grade in the 4-H photography project trying win that grand champion prize. I carried on my journey to become a better photographer, and I still enjoy the art of photography, and appreciate it more now than ever.

When I'm not busy finishing up my last semester of college and planning my wedding I'm finding ways to make my Etsy shop (www.cowgirlimagery.etsy.com) better, or trying to figure out how to better use my camera! It's a never-ending process!

Be sure to check back and see what new pictures I've taken and other exciting posts from Etsy, or just stuff I find that's cool!

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