Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday rambling and photos-I need help!

Today I finally took the time to sit down at my "photography" computer and went thru some pictures from the spring/summer/fall. Yeah it's been awhile. I finally had a deadline (company photo contest) coming up and with the crazy that the next two weeks will be, it was now or never.

What's coming up in the next two weeks? Well, girls' basketball practice starts tomorrow (still not sure how I feel about this), and then tomorrow night our boss will arrive from England for a visit. So, we will be busy weaning calves, getting cows moved around, sorting off open cows and shipping them, and weighing and tagging lots and lots of calves (around 700).

Justin and I are still doing Insanity in the mornings so my weekdays will look like this:
5:00-wake up and get ready to workout
5:20-ish-start workout
6:00/6:15-finish working out, I get breakfast ready and watch last night's news while Justin showers
7:00-Justin *should be* out the door, and I start to get ready
7:30 or so-get to the office, check email, check answering machine, do "work stuff"
3:00-leave work, get ready to head to basketball practice
3:15-leave the ranch to head to practice
3:55-get to town just before school gets out at 4 so I can get the gym ready
4:10-girls start to arrive at practice
6:00-practice wraps up
6:15-once everybody has left and I lock up, I head home
7:00-get home, hope that Justin has made something for supper
7:30-sit down and check facebook, emails, etc.
8:15-I'm ready for bed!

And so the fun that is the next 6 or so months begins...

Anyway-here's the photos I promised...

The top two were taken a few weeks ago-the orange skies are compliments of a smoky haze. The bottom is from calving, earlier this spring.

I need your help! I'm entering 1 of these in our company's photo contest (winners will go into a calender) and I can't decide which one!

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