Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The new Cowgirl Imagery

It's time for a change...

This blog has been neglected for the past 6+ months, time for that to change.

With my new job, coaching basketball, and being a wife, photography hasn't been very high on my priority list lately. Do I want to expand my photography business down the road? Maybe someday when the time is right. For now, Cowgirl Imagery isn't going anywhere.

Instead, I'm going to use this blog to post about me. Life, ranching, agriculture, basketball coaching... There will still be some (hopefully more than just some) photography-related posts, but for now, my photography is for me. And Justin. And random family members-like for my brother and future sister-in-law :) So unfollow, follow, whatever you like. I'll still be here, posting about things like branding, importing bull semen from Australia, cutting alfalfa, going back to school for my coaching license... normal stuff. Because that's where I am in life right now.


  1. Hey - what about some photography for your #1 customer/aunt, too? Follow your heart, Abby! There's always time for this later.

  2. I like how my mom follows your blog but not mine. Actually I don't like this fact...that was sarcasm!