Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New post. Because it's been awhile.

Well here's some Wednesday randomness.
  • I'm tweeting... @Cowgirl_Imagery
  • I ordered more supplies for sunglasses
  • I'm spending the weekend at the Larry Larson Photography class. A different Larry Larson from my boss Larry Larsen.
  • Speaking of work, I wish people would quit calling everyday asking if their tax returns are done. An inquiry once in a while is okay, but yes I know you need your tax return right now but there isn't a dang thing I can do about it. 
  • Ok glad I got that rant off my shoulders.
  • It's finally starting to feel like spring. Sometimes.
  • I helped Justin rope a cow last weekend. I actually helped. That's probably a whole 'nother blog post in itself... haha
  • I haven't started packing yet.
  • I finally located BOTH my camera chargers, old and new. And realized they're the exact same charger. Glad I didn't order that replacement... Although at the pace I'm misplacing things lately...
  • There was no steak night tonight at the bar. Highly disappointing. 
  • I'm probably procrastinating right now.
  • I need a bigger house. Preferably one with an office, and room for a photography studio. *hint hint hun*
  • My dog hates water. Absolutely hates it. She dropped her bone in the water pail tonight and wouldn't stick her head in and grab it. We laughed at her for awhile.
  • May is going to be crazy. Photography class this weekend, mad cleaning the next, then my aunt comes to visit, then it's time for a trip home over memorial day weekend for graduation. It'll be the first time I've been in Minnesota since Christmas... darn tax season.
  • I guess I should quit rambling and go pack. Look for a post of clinic pictures this weekend or next week! Although I probably shouldn't promise anything... because that's how my life goes.

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